quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

Vince Carter scored a basket from an 86 foot shoot while sitting

Pretty incredible right? How can Vince Carter score from an 86 foot? He did something that is very rare. Many professional basketball players have tried, but it's very difficult because of the distance. Vince Carter accomplished it and called the attention of all the other basketball players and fans. It was incredible!

segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

Julio Cesar Suffers a car accident

The Goal Keeper from Inter de Milão suffered on Sunday a car accident around 10 p.m. (Italy time) in the streets of San Siro city. He was driving his Lamborghini, when he lost control and suffered a car accident. Julio Cesar suffered some scratches on his face and is very scared now. His wife said that his car is sold now and that it was a piece of danger. Julio Cesar is at home recovering from the accident.

Corinthians list of the players who will be playing at Libertadores

Goal Keepers
1 - Felipe, 22 - Julio Cesar and 12 - Rafael Santos.
Defensive Wings
2 - Alessandro, 6 - Roberto Carlos, 24 - Moacir and 16 - Dodô.
3 - Chicão, 4 - William, 13 - Paulo André and 14 - Leandro Castán.
Defensive Middle fielders
5 - Ralf, 15 - Marcelo Mattos, 7 - Elias, 18 - Jucilei and 25 - Edu.
Middle field
8 - Tcheco, 10 - Danilo, 20 - Defederico and 21 - Morais.
23 - Jorge Henrique, 9 - Ronaldo, 11 - Iarley, 17 - Dentinho and 19 - Souza.

domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Michel Bastos scores a hat-trick!

One Man Show: Michel Bastos scores 3 times and leads Lyon to a victory against Sochaux. Lyon won the game by 4 x 0 and the man of the match was Michel Bastos. Michel Bastos is playing very well and he is one more player that is showing that also deserves to go to the World Cup. Does Michel Batos has a space in the Brazil Nation Squad? Goals he scores, that's for sure.

Milan 2 x 0 Bari: Ronaldinho's Show!

Ronaldinho once again shows an excellent football and helps Milan win Bari by 2 x 0. During the week, Ronaldinho played an awesome game against Manchester United, although Milan lost by 3 to 2 for the Champions League last sixteen first round. Ronaldinho once again played well and is showing that he deserves to go to the World Cup. Watch the goals in the movie below of the game Milan Vs. Bari

Real Madrid 6 x 2 Villlarreal!

After losing an important game against Lyon in the middle of the week for the Champions League Competition, Real Madrid destroyed Villarreal by 6 to 2, for the Spanish Competition. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka didn't just play soccer, they presented a show to the crowd. Kaka scored twice and Cristiano Ronaldo scored once.Both players didn't just scored, but assisted other players in the offensive resulting in the other 3 goals.

Palmeiras 2 x 0 São Paulo

During this week, Palmeiras was defeated by 4 to 1 by São Caetano and their coach, Muricy Ramalho was fired. Antônio Carlos was hired as the new coach and he lead Palmeiras to defeat their rival, São Paulo by 2 x 0. Palmeiras won the game when Xandão was expelled from the game and Palmeiras with 1 additional player, took advantage and Robert scored two goals.

Botafogo: Taça Guanabara Champions!

Botafogo team are the champions of the Taça Guanabara, a 1st division tournament between teams from Rio de Janeiro. Botafogo defeated Vasco by 2 to 0 and where the champions of the 1st round of the tournament. Will Botafogo win the 2nd round also? Let's wait and cheer to see who will be the 2nd round champions!

terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010


The game ended 31 to 17 for the New Orleans against the Indianapolis Colts. Colts were the favorites to win the game, but New Orleans beat them in an beautiful and exciting game. Maning, Colts quarterback, couldn't lead Colts for the championship. New Orleans was destroyed in 2005 by the Katrina hurricane. After 5 years of the tradegy, the New Orlenans win their 1st championship. The Saints quarterback, Drew Bees, was the name of the game.

Lincoln transfers to Palmeiras!

Lincoln is a good Brazilain player whow as currently palying in a team from Turkey. Lincoln will use shirt number 99 becase he already scored 99 goals in his profisional career in 428 games.

Cicinho Back to São Paulo!

One more case of a good Brazilian player coming back to Brazil to find his good sooccer again. This time Cicinho is back to São Paulo. He will play for São Paulo for te next 6 months and will be a strong re-enforcement to São Paulo. His position is left wing. Cicinho was currently playing for Roma, an Italian team, althought he wasn't having many opportunities. Good Luck Cicinho!

segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010

Robinho back scoring the winning goal against São Paulo

Robinho came back to Brazil, to play for Santos and in his 1st game, he scores a wonderful goal against São Paulo, leading Santos to a victory agaisnt São Paulo, 2 to 1. Robinho wasn't playing well in England, but he came back to Brazil and already started to make magic. Watch Robinho's goal against São Paulo in the video below.