terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2009

Corinthians- Lucas rejects moves and Corinthians Aim for Marcelo Mattos

Corinthians board are confident that Corinthians president will be able to sign Marcelo Mattos from Panathinaikos, a cluf from Grécia. They are confident because the president is the one negociating and he, Andres Sanches is Marcelo Mattos wedding godfather and in this vacation he passed some days in Marcelo Mattos house in Greece. The player showed publicaly that he wants to return to Brasil to play for his ex-time, Corinthians, which he was champion of the Campeonato Brasileiro of 2005. Corinthians offered inicialy R$300 thousand so they can have the player for 1 year and then he would return to Greece. The Greek time wants R$800 thousand and now both times are trying to set a deal for Marcelo Mattos.

- It exist and interst in Marcelo Mattos. He want to come back to Corinthians and we want him. We are in the middle of the negociation. What is missing in the negociation is to set a deal with the club then with the player – said Mário Gobbi, Corinthians Soocer director.

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