segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009


Anderson Silva Vs. Forrest Griffin

Watch this fight in the video below!

Anderson "Spider" Silva was incredible right?! He completly destroies Grifffin! Are you crazy to enter in a fight with Anderson Silva?! Guess Not!

domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Jessica Gil Ortiz suffers an accident in the final of the womens solo

In the world artistic gymnastic competition in London, the gymnastic Jessica Gil Ortiz from Colombia, goes to the final and during her presentation she falls down with her neck. Doctos think she suffered a neck injury. Jessica was doing really well in the competition, but unfourtanly she felled and couldn't finish her presentation. Check out Jessica accident in the site below: or in the video below!

Roanldinho Gaúcho Back!

Is Ronaldinho Gaúcho back? After playing to fanstastic games, can we saw Ronaldinho Gaúcho is back? He scored in the Italian Championship in the match Milan against Roma, making Milan win the game and he helped Milan beat the fantastic Real Madrid's team! Ronaldinho stopped going to night clubs and he lost 10 kilos. He is fast now, dribiling, doing fantastic passes and playing well. After a long time playing bad games, we are seeing Ronaldinho play well. Will he continue up with the good futbol? Will he go to the 2010 World Cup? Let's wait and see if he is going. Brazil's squad would be way better if he play his good soccer in the Brazilian national squad. Let's go Ronaldinho! Keep your good soccer up!

Santos women team- 2009 Libertadores Champions!

Santos women team won on this Sunday, the Libertadores. They defeated the Universidad Autónoma team bt 12 to 0 and were the Champions. Santos had the best team of the competition, they won all the games by a big different amout of goals, and were the Champions without working so hard. Is there a team that can beat them? There are some Santos women team that plays better than some soccer mens for sure. The goals were scored by 8 different girls. Marta scored a beautiful goal after hitting a perfect foul. Santos had never won this championship before. If some one needs a soccer leason talk to the Santos women Soccer team. I beat that if they play against some male professional team, they have chances of wining. In the competiton they socred 43 goals, about 7 goals per match. Hey strikers, go learn with them how to soccer goals! Cristiane scored 14 goals of the 43 scored.


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Jenson Button F1 Champion!

Jenson Button in the 2009 season, F1 Champion! Rubens Barrichelo, Jenson Button teammate was also triying to be the 2009 season Champion. Rubens Barrichelo started the F1 São Paulo GP well, making the pole postion. Jenson Button started bad, he was way behind in the starting position, he was in the 14 position. Althought, things seemed bad to him, Jenson Button in the first lap advanced five postions and after he did an excellent race and finished in 5th place. Since Rubens Barrichelo didn't open a good diference time in the begining and had a bored tire, he finished the race in 8th. Since Rubbens just scored 1 point and Jenson Button scored 5 points, he was the Champion. There is one race to the end of the competition and Jenson Button has 89 points and Vettel which passed Rubens Barrichelo in this race, is in second with 74 points. Rubens Barrichelo has 72 points and in this last race he will try to be the F1 2009 Vice Champion! Let's GO Rubinho! The Race ended with Webber in 1st place, Kubica in 2nd place, and Hamilton in 3rd place. Check out the best moment of the Formula 1 race in São Paulo in the video below.,,EPR873-15011,00.html

quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

Soccer- Women Soccer Game ends up with violence

In a women's game for the Alagona Championship, players from Cesmac and Sóesporte fight after the referre had ended the game. After Cesmac won the game by 2 to 1, the girls started to fight. It look like they were there to fight. There will all kid of punches, kicks, and violence acts. Check this unbelievable girls attitude in the video below.

Where is the sportmanship?

Soccer- Cristiano Ronaldo: The MAN of Real Madrid Team

Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid essence player. In 5 games played in La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 5 goals and is Real Madrid Top Score. The last Real Madrid game, against Sevilla, he was injured and didn't played. The result was that Real Madrid lost by 2 to 1. The Video below shows Real Madrid game against Xerex, where they win by 5 x 0. Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice.

Soccer- Women Libertadores

Santos wommen teambeat Enfroma by 12 x 0. Santos women time has the best wommen soccer player, Marta and they have others magnificant soccer palyers as Cristiane. Cristiano soccer 5 times during this game. Érika soccer 3 goals, Marta 1 goal, Maurine 1 goal, Tais 1 goal, and Dani 1 goal. Santos is leading the 1st group of the Women Libertadores. I beat that with Marta and Cristiane, Santos will win easy the Women Libertadores.

Information from:,,MUL1331565-9874,00-SEREIAS+GOLEIAM+BOLIVIANAS+NA+VILA+A.html

sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009

Olimpic Games Rio De Janeiro 2016

Rio de Janeiro is the city where the 2016 Olimpics games will be held. It was one of the 4 candidates which included Madrid, Tokyo, and Chicago. When Rio de Janeiro was proudly anounced the winner and the future host of the 2016 Olimpic games the crowd was very pleased, everybody celebrated and Lula, the president, even cried. For Rio de Janeiro to be ready to host this event they will need to make many reforms and adjustments including many constructions. Everyone is looking forwards to it and everyone is already planning and booking their planes to go see the games. The Olimpic games will certainly bring a lot of money and improvements to Rio de Janeiro but above all it will bring a lot of happiness to all the Brazilians. Let's Go RIO!