terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Soccer- Referre urinates in the middle of a soccer game in Quatar

The Referre, Massimo Busacca urinated in the middle of a game between Al-Gharafa and Al-Khor when the ball went to the corner kick last week. The refree apologized after the game. He said that he need urgently to urinate. The Brazilian coach, Caio Junior is the coach of AL-Gharafa and he said that he the Soccer Federation of Quatar won't sue him, althought he won't be the referre of a game for a long time. Massimo Busacca is considered one of the best referres know a days. He was the referre for the Champions League and Eurocup final. He also showed his middle finger to the people who were watching the game between Baden and Young Boys, last Saturday, for the Swiss Cup. In this case, he will be suspended for 3 days, I think this referre should be expelled from being referre. If he can't control his actions, I believe he should be suspended for ever. Imagine a little kid that went to the stadium and saw this two situations. I would sue the
referre. I think that the referre committee should analyze this situation carefuly and take the right descion.

Soccer- Spanish League


Real Madrid and Barcelona are still 100% in the league. Barcelona is in 1st place with 12 points in 4 matches and Real Madrid is in 2nd place with 9 points in 3 matches. Saturday Barcelona won by 5 to 2 Atlético de Madrid Racing Santander. Real playe don Sunday, beating Xerez by 5 to 0. Some key players of the competition is Luis Fabiano from Sevilla, Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, and Messi and Zlatan from Barcelona. In 4 games, Messi scored 5 goals and Cristiano Ronaldo scored 4 goals in 3 matches. Ibrahimovic also scored 4 goals and David Villa also. This year, the fight between the player to be the Spanish League Top Score will be big. I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Fabiano or Messi wil be the Spanish Top Score. I'm cherring for Luis Fabiano because he is Brazilian and he is playing very well. He is one of the best players of the Brazilian squad and he scores at least one goal each match. Luis Fabiano will have a difficult time to score more goals then Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi because he plays in a smaller club, althought I'm still cherring for him. I believe Crisitano Ronaldo or Messi will be the Spanish Top Score, but Let's go Luis Fabiano!

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segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

Formula 1- Can Rubinho still win the Formula 1 Championship?

Rubens Barrichello won another race! This time at Monza. Rubinho dedicated his victory to his sons and he the difference between Button and him, is 14 points. Jenson Button has 80 points in the seasson and Rubens Barrichello has 66 points. There are 4 races until the end of the Championship. The 1st position wins 10 points, the 2nd wins eight, the 3rd wins six, 4th wins 5 points, the 5th wins 4 points, the 6th wins 3 points, the 7th wins 2 points, and the 8th wins 1 point. Will Rubens Barrichelo beat his teammate Button? Rubens Barrichelo had 7 tatical errors made by Brawn Gp and his teammate, Button didn't have one problem. Rubbens Barrichello also had this kid of porblmes in Ferrari, where he had to help Michael Schumacher. Because of all this problems, having bad luck and not winning many races, Rubinho has been a way of people to joke about him. Rubinho has 37 years, has reached important historical facts such as the formula 1 racer who has raced more times. RUBENS BARICHELLO DESERVES TO WIN! LET'S GO RUBINHO!

Tennis- Kim Clijsters, 2009 USA OPEN WOMAN CHAMPION!

Kim Clijsters, a belgium tennis player, won for the 2nd time, the USA OPEN. For the last 2 years, she hadn't been playing because her daughter, Jada was born. She beated Caroline Wozinacki, a danish tennis player. Caroline Wozincaki has just 19 years and it' already one of the best tennis players around the world. Kim Clijster won the game by 7/5 and 6/3. Kim Clijster wasn't thinking of playing tennis again, but when she was called by the USA Open directores, she changed her mind, practice, and won the tournament. Kim Clijsters achieved something that many other tennis players would never achieve! With this victory, does Kim Clijster will change her idea and continue playing tennis? We hope so! Another tennis player, Caroline Wozinacki is the women's world number 6. Just wait some years, ( maximum 2 or 3) and you will see that Caroline Wozinacki will soon be the women's world number 1.

Tennis- Juan Martín Del Porto, 2009 USA OPEN CHAMPION !

In 4 hours and 06 minutes, Juan Martín Del Porto beats Roger Federer and is the 2009 USA Open Champion! Del Porto lost the first set, (3/6), won the second one (7/6), and lost the 3rd set (4/6). In the fourth set Roger Federer was wining 6 games to 5 games and Del Porto was serving. With an incredible force and determination, he won the fourth set (7/6) and the last set (6/2). Del Porto beated Rafael Nadal( number 2 of the World) on the semi-final and Roger Federer( Number 1 of the World) in the final. This will be a championship, that Del Porto will never forget. He has beaten the 2 best tennis players in the world today and he only has 20 years. Del Porto will still win many onther championships! Just wait and you'll see"

segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2009


Real Madrid!

Real Madrid has signed incredible players this year, such as Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa, Albiol, Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo. Many poeple believe that Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo will not work togehter, althought I believe that with both of them + Xabio Alonso, Benzema, and Albiol, Real Madrid had improved their offensive and defensive system. Another fact is that Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez made a manual with instructions, which consists in 8 rules. Some rules are that players can't go to night clubs at night, they must be on time, take care of their image and health, try the hardest you can, and be respectful. This rules will help Real Madrid players concentrate more on futebol and get better game results. I believe that Real Madrid will win the Champions League this year, making their 10th win. The last time they won was in 2001-2002 season. Go Real Madrid. Let's Win all the competitions this year and show that we are the best soccer team in the World!

Real Madrid signed a new coach, Manuel Pelligrini, ex-coach of Villarreal. If I was Manuel Pelligrini, Real Madrid starrters would be Cassilias (GK), Segio Ramos (RB), Pepe (CB), Raul Albiol (CB), Marcelo (LB), Xabi Alonso (CM), Diarra (DM), Kaká (LW or AM), Cristiano Ronaldo (RW), Benzema (ST), and V.Nisterllory or Raul (ST).


The 20 most expensive soccer signing of 2009/2010

Player (From Club/Country- to Club/Country ) How much paid
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (From Manchester United/England to Real Madrid/Spain) – 94 million Euros
2. Ibrahimovic (From Internazinale/Italy to Barcelona/Spain) – 68 million Euros
3. Ricado Kaká (From AC Milan/Italy to Real Madrid/Spain ) – 65 million Euros
4. Xabi Alonso ( From Liverpool/England to Real Madrid/Spain) – 35,4 million Euros
5. Benzema (From Lyon/France to Real Madrid/Spain ) – 35 million Euros
6. Mario Gomez (From Stuttgart/Germany to Bayern de Munique/ Germany ) – 30 million Euros
7. Tévez (From Manchester United/England to Manchester City/England ) – 29 million Euros
8. Adebayor (From Arsenal/England to Manchester City/England) – 29 million Euros
9. Lescott (From Everton/England to Manchester City/England ) – 27,5 million Euros
10. Diego Milito (From Genoa/Italy to Internazionale/Italy ) – 25 million Euros
11. Filipe Melo (From Fiorentina/Italy to Juventus/Italy ) – 25 million Euros
12. Chigrinskiy (From Shaktar/Ukraine to FC Barcelona/Spain ) – 25 million Euros
13. Diego (Werder Bremen/Germany to Juventus/Italy ) – 24 million Euros
14. Robben (From Real Madrid/Spain to Bayern Munique/Germany ) – 24 million Euros
15. Lisandro López (From Porto/Portugal to Olympique Lyon/France ) – 24 million Euros
16. Roque Santa Cruz (From Blackburn/England to Manchester City/England ) – 21,2 million Euros
17. Zhirkov (CSKA Moscow/Russia to Chelsea/England ) – 21 million Euros
18. Glen Johnson (From Portsmouth/England to Liverpool/England ) –20,5 million Euros
19. Eto´o (From Barcelona/Spain to Internazionale/ Italy ) – 20 million Euros
20. Aquilani (From Roma/Italy to Liverpool/ England) – 20 million Euros

Cristiano Ronaldo transfer from Manchester Unity to Real Madrid for 94 million Euros was the most expensive soccer transfer in history. Real Madrid still signed other incredible good players such as Kaká, Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa, Albiol, etc. Real Madird tried to singed Frank Ribery from Bayern de Munich, that would have been the most expensive transfer of soccer history, but no deal was done. Real Madrid will still try to sign Ribery in the next transfer window. Barcelona made an incredible also, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Spain now has the best soccer players in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Ibrahimovic, Messi, etc. In Italy, Juventus signed Diego and Felipe Mello that are incredible players and Inter signed Eto'o, Lucio, Milito, and much more. Who will win the Spanish Cup? Who will win the Italy Cup? Let's what and see, however until there let's cheer.