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Chapel boy’s volleyball won their first match at Big 4 against EAB by 3 to 0 and showed their powerful team. In their second game, Chapel played bad and lost in a closed game with Graded by 2 to 1. In their last key game, they lost to EARJ by 2 to 1, making EARJ loose their first set on Big 4. Classifying in 3rd place, Chapel met Graded on the semi-final and with an outstanding volleyball, they beat Graded by 3 to 0. In the final, Chapel boys tried hard, however they lost their setter because of a team problem. Without stopping EARJ strikers, don’t making right passes and playing bad, Chapel lost the final. Vicente Molinos gave an interview to Sport News

Q. Vicente, two years ago you lost all games and sets, last year you lost all the games and just won 1 set. This year you got to the final with an excellent team. What were the team modifications?

V: Well first of all, we had a new coach, Mrs. Fernanda Bastos which played Volleyball in college against outstanding teams and she has impressive and outstanding drills. From our first practice onwards, our team every practice got better. She is a mad coach and if we did wrong stuff we would run and hear a lot. She made our team have discipline and show our volleyball. It was an honor to play with here because she is a terrific coach and we had so much fun with her in practice.

Q: Was the semi-final the Best game you ever played?

V: Without any doubt it was one of the most important games I have every played. I ask coach Fernanda Bastos to block Graded number 12 and she gave me confidence and with a small trick, she put me to block him. The result was spectacular and we stopped him. With lot of enthusiasm and playing well, I helped Chapel reach the final.

Q. What happened on the final that you didn’t had the enthusiasm you had on the final?

V: On the semi-final it was much easier since I got spike a lot the ball and block a lot also and with this I grew on the game. We had a game plan on the final to put the ball to the wings since the block on the middle was good. I tried to call some ball from the setter; however he preferred to send the ball to the wings. I ask sorry for my teammates; however I need this little help to have the enthusiasm I had on the other matches. Not participating a lot in the offensive plays let me down a little bit.

Q: Serving is since the first year a strength you have, however this year you improved a lot. What helped you?

V: Well, first of all I improved due to Mrs. Bastos drills. Every practice we have serving drills and if we missed a serve, we had o serve again. We had cones that we had to aim and on the game, Coach Marcello also helped me by saying in which position was better to serve. In the final I did 2 aces and scored 6 points in a row and it was quite impressive.

Q: What are your expectations for next year?
Next year will be my last year playing for Chapel since I’m a senior and I already ask the captain armband to Mrs.Bastos. We will have a great loss with 5 starters: Pietro, Giga, Marcello, Mark, and Felipe, leaving the team, however I think that our new players will help us have a competitive team for next year. The other teams are also losing key players and this is something than is unstoppable. If we practice as we did this year and take serious, I believe that I will be able to realize my promise. I promised coach Bastos that next year I will lift up the trophy and ill bet you that if we a competitive team, we will be CHAMPIONS!

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