terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Soccer- Referre urinates in the middle of a soccer game in Quatar

The Referre, Massimo Busacca urinated in the middle of a game between Al-Gharafa and Al-Khor when the ball went to the corner kick last week. The refree apologized after the game. He said that he need urgently to urinate. The Brazilian coach, Caio Junior is the coach of AL-Gharafa and he said that he the Soccer Federation of Quatar won't sue him, althought he won't be the referre of a game for a long time. Massimo Busacca is considered one of the best referres know a days. He was the referre for the Champions League and Eurocup final. He also showed his middle finger to the people who were watching the game between Baden and Young Boys, last Saturday, for the Swiss Cup. In this case, he will be suspended for 3 days, I think this referre should be expelled from being referre. If he can't control his actions, I believe he should be suspended for ever. Imagine a little kid that went to the stadium and saw this two situations. I would sue the
referre. I think that the referre committee should analyze this situation carefuly and take the right descion.

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