segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2009


Real Madrid!

Real Madrid has signed incredible players this year, such as Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa, Albiol, Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo. Many poeple believe that Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo will not work togehter, althought I believe that with both of them + Xabio Alonso, Benzema, and Albiol, Real Madrid had improved their offensive and defensive system. Another fact is that Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez made a manual with instructions, which consists in 8 rules. Some rules are that players can't go to night clubs at night, they must be on time, take care of their image and health, try the hardest you can, and be respectful. This rules will help Real Madrid players concentrate more on futebol and get better game results. I believe that Real Madrid will win the Champions League this year, making their 10th win. The last time they won was in 2001-2002 season. Go Real Madrid. Let's Win all the competitions this year and show that we are the best soccer team in the World!

Real Madrid signed a new coach, Manuel Pelligrini, ex-coach of Villarreal. If I was Manuel Pelligrini, Real Madrid starrters would be Cassilias (GK), Segio Ramos (RB), Pepe (CB), Raul Albiol (CB), Marcelo (LB), Xabi Alonso (CM), Diarra (DM), Kaká (LW or AM), Cristiano Ronaldo (RW), Benzema (ST), and V.Nisterllory or Raul (ST).

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marcio disse...

I am really hoping that my team (Bayern) gets to play Real in the second phase of the Champions League - no better feeling than eliminating the white arrogant chique club!

Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

What's your opinion on Madrid's new set of rules? Martin recently wrote about this issue, too. Check out his blog here