segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

Formula 1- Can Rubinho still win the Formula 1 Championship?

Rubens Barrichello won another race! This time at Monza. Rubinho dedicated his victory to his sons and he the difference between Button and him, is 14 points. Jenson Button has 80 points in the seasson and Rubens Barrichello has 66 points. There are 4 races until the end of the Championship. The 1st position wins 10 points, the 2nd wins eight, the 3rd wins six, 4th wins 5 points, the 5th wins 4 points, the 6th wins 3 points, the 7th wins 2 points, and the 8th wins 1 point. Will Rubens Barrichelo beat his teammate Button? Rubens Barrichelo had 7 tatical errors made by Brawn Gp and his teammate, Button didn't have one problem. Rubbens Barrichello also had this kid of porblmes in Ferrari, where he had to help Michael Schumacher. Because of all this problems, having bad luck and not winning many races, Rubinho has been a way of people to joke about him. Rubinho has 37 years, has reached important historical facts such as the formula 1 racer who has raced more times. RUBENS BARICHELLO DESERVES TO WIN! LET'S GO RUBINHO!

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marcio disse...

Although I hope he makes it, I must say that he's not yet deserving it. Be things as they may now and for the last few races, in the first half of the season, Button dominated him in qualifying and in the races, with or without his problems. Now, all Button has to do is stay near Rubinho to be the champ. The only way Barrichello will be champions this year is if Button doesn't finish one of the last four races - provided that Barrichello finishes all of them, in front of his team mate. Very unlikely, if you ask me.