segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

Tennis- Juan Martín Del Porto, 2009 USA OPEN CHAMPION !

In 4 hours and 06 minutes, Juan Martín Del Porto beats Roger Federer and is the 2009 USA Open Champion! Del Porto lost the first set, (3/6), won the second one (7/6), and lost the 3rd set (4/6). In the fourth set Roger Federer was wining 6 games to 5 games and Del Porto was serving. With an incredible force and determination, he won the fourth set (7/6) and the last set (6/2). Del Porto beated Rafael Nadal( number 2 of the World) on the semi-final and Roger Federer( Number 1 of the World) in the final. This will be a championship, that Del Porto will never forget. He has beaten the 2 best tennis players in the world today and he only has 20 years. Del Porto will still win many onther championships! Just wait and you'll see"

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marcio disse...

This was a big surprise to me. Roger had just played tennis from another star the day before, against Djokovic. Although Del Potro deserves all merits to have done what he has done and winning the US Open like that, I think Roger had a rough game. Personally, I would attribute this win to Roger's lack of quality yesterday, rather than Del Potro's actually playing over Roger's normal niveau.

Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

This was a pretty incredible match. Del Potro was solid, but I agree that Federer made several unforced errors and didn't seem to be playing to his potential.

Side note, did you hear the way Federer spoke to the chair umpire? I understand that athletes get mad and vent--they're under a lot of pressure and the calls aren't always fair--but I lost some respect for Federer after this one. You can read more here