domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Santos women team- 2009 Libertadores Champions!

Santos women team won on this Sunday, the Libertadores. They defeated the Universidad Autónoma team bt 12 to 0 and were the Champions. Santos had the best team of the competition, they won all the games by a big different amout of goals, and were the Champions without working so hard. Is there a team that can beat them? There are some Santos women team that plays better than some soccer mens for sure. The goals were scored by 8 different girls. Marta scored a beautiful goal after hitting a perfect foul. Santos had never won this championship before. If some one needs a soccer leason talk to the Santos women Soccer team. I beat that if they play against some male professional team, they have chances of wining. In the competiton they socred 43 goals, about 7 goals per match. Hey strikers, go learn with them how to soccer goals! Cristiane scored 14 goals of the 43 scored.


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