sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009

Olimpic Games Rio De Janeiro 2016

Rio de Janeiro is the city where the 2016 Olimpics games will be held. It was one of the 4 candidates which included Madrid, Tokyo, and Chicago. When Rio de Janeiro was proudly anounced the winner and the future host of the 2016 Olimpic games the crowd was very pleased, everybody celebrated and Lula, the president, even cried. For Rio de Janeiro to be ready to host this event they will need to make many reforms and adjustments including many constructions. Everyone is looking forwards to it and everyone is already planning and booking their planes to go see the games. The Olimpic games will certainly bring a lot of money and improvements to Rio de Janeiro but above all it will bring a lot of happiness to all the Brazilians. Let's Go RIO!

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Pedro disse...

Finally ! It took to much time to Rio de Janeiro become the city to have the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games is not only improving the city's sporting infra-structure, but it also regards the fact that it will make Rio de Janeiro grow economically. Although today Rio de janeiro is the 2nd most wagged city in Brazil, it will improve drastically some flaws that are conspicuous, such as poverty. Prepare 2016, Brazil is coming !

SeungYup Han disse...

2016!! I should come back to Brazil

KarinN disse...

I heard it is the first place in South America to be chosen as the host of Olympic. Congratulations! Today in my economics class I am going to present about the expectation of Brazilian economy's growth that may be affected by the Olympic.