domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Jenson Button F1 Champion!

Jenson Button in the 2009 season, F1 Champion! Rubens Barrichelo, Jenson Button teammate was also triying to be the 2009 season Champion. Rubens Barrichelo started the F1 São Paulo GP well, making the pole postion. Jenson Button started bad, he was way behind in the starting position, he was in the 14 position. Althought, things seemed bad to him, Jenson Button in the first lap advanced five postions and after he did an excellent race and finished in 5th place. Since Rubens Barrichelo didn't open a good diference time in the begining and had a bored tire, he finished the race in 8th. Since Rubbens just scored 1 point and Jenson Button scored 5 points, he was the Champion. There is one race to the end of the competition and Jenson Button has 89 points and Vettel which passed Rubens Barrichelo in this race, is in second with 74 points. Rubens Barrichelo has 72 points and in this last race he will try to be the F1 2009 Vice Champion! Let's GO Rubinho! The Race ended with Webber in 1st place, Kubica in 2nd place, and Hamilton in 3rd place. Check out the best moment of the Formula 1 race in São Paulo in the video below.,,EPR873-15011,00.html

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