domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Roanldinho Gaúcho Back!

Is Ronaldinho Gaúcho back? After playing to fanstastic games, can we saw Ronaldinho Gaúcho is back? He scored in the Italian Championship in the match Milan against Roma, making Milan win the game and he helped Milan beat the fantastic Real Madrid's team! Ronaldinho stopped going to night clubs and he lost 10 kilos. He is fast now, dribiling, doing fantastic passes and playing well. After a long time playing bad games, we are seeing Ronaldinho play well. Will he continue up with the good futbol? Will he go to the 2010 World Cup? Let's wait and see if he is going. Brazil's squad would be way better if he play his good soccer in the Brazilian national squad. Let's go Ronaldinho! Keep your good soccer up!

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